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泛亚电竞-苹果从新闻业挖人打造Apple News

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本文摘要:Apple is hiring a team of journalists to run its Apple News service, part of a broader push by the company to personalise the content it selects and delivers to users of its devices.苹果(Apple)于是以聘用新闻从业者重新组建编辑团队,运营其Apple News服务。

Apple is hiring a team of journalists to run its Apple News service, part of a broader push by the company to personalise the content it selects and delivers to users of its devices.苹果(Apple)于是以聘用新闻从业者重新组建编辑团队,运营其Apple News服务。此举是苹果一项更加宏伟措施的一部分,目的是对中选赠送给苹果设备用户的内容展开人工干预。The Apple editorial team will liaise with publishers, which include the Financial Times, New York Times, The Guardian and The Economist, which have signed up to provide content to the news service.苹果编辑团队将负责管理与出版商联络。这些出版商还包括英国《金融时报》、《纽约时报》(New York Times)、《卫报》(The Guardian)和《经济学人》(The Economist),它们已和苹果签下,将为其新闻服务获取内容。

A job ad posted for Apple News, which replaces Apple’s Newsstand and will compete with Facebook’s new Instant Articles service, said successful candidates would “identify and deliver the best in breaking national, global, and local news”.在为Apple News公布的招聘广告上,苹果回应,符合条件的候选者不应能“辨识和发送到最佳的国内、国际及地方脑溢血新闻”。Apple News将代替苹果的虚拟世界报摊(Newsstand),并与Facebook新的发售的Instant Articles服务进行竞争。It is seeking candidates with more than five years of “newsroom experience” able to “recognise original, compelling stories unlikely to be identified by algorithms”. Apple declined to comment beyond the job ad.该公司期望寻找这样的人选:享有五年以上“编辑部工作经验”,需要“辨识不太可能被算法辨识出有的、扣人心弦的原创性报导”。苹果拒绝接受就这个招聘广告以外的事情置评。

One publisher that has had negotiations with Apple over the news service said the hiring of journalists was “jaw-dropping” and “a real surprise”.一个曾与苹果就新闻服务展开过商讨的出版商回应,苹果聘请新闻从业者之荐“令人大跌眼镜”、“无非令人车祸”。Ken Doctor, an analyst with Newsonomics, pointed to other examples of technology companies hiring journalists, such as Flipboard and Yahoo. “Apple hasn’t done it so it’s a departure but it’s not a surprising departure,” he said. “To do curated distribution you either use algorithms, like Google News, or you use people.”Newsonomics分析师尼克多克纳(Ken Doctor)则提及其他高科技企业聘请新闻从业者的例子——比如Flipboard和雅虎(Yahoo!)。他说道:“苹果以前没有这么做到过,因此这却是一次新的尝试,但它并不出人意料。


做到策划发售,你要么靠算法、就像谷歌新闻(Google News)那样,要么靠人。”Apple’s news recruitment drive is the latest example of a steady uptick in traffic from Fleet Street to Silicon Valley. In the last few years, social networks Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have hired reporters and editors from the likes of News Corp and NBC to help broker relationships between media groups and their distribution platforms. Within the past six months, Snapchat has hired reporters from CNN and tech site The Verge.苹果聘用新闻从业者之荐,是新闻业人士转投硅谷的步伐逐步减缓的近期相比较。

最近几年,社交网络Facebook、Twitter和领英(LinkedIn)已从新闻集团(News Corp)、美国全国广播公司(NBC)等机构讨了不少记者和编辑,以协助处置媒体集团与其发售平台之间的关系。过去六个月里,Snapchat也从美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)及技术网站The Verge聘请了多名记者。The launch of Apple News comes as the company tries to introduce more of a human element to its other services. Apple Music, which was unveiled last week, includes personally selected playlists and Beats 1, an international radio station staffed by newly hired DJs — including Zane Lowe, formerly of BBC Radio 1.苹果发售Apple News的同时,也企图向自己的其他服务引进更加多人的元素。

上周发售的Apple Music服务,就还包括了人工挑选出的歌单以及一个取名为“Beats 1”的国际广播电台。该电台的人员由新近聘请的DJ构成,其中还包括曾在英国广播公司广播一台(BBC Radio 1)工作的赞恩洛(Zane Lowe)。The publishers participating in Apple News will supply Apple with a few stories each day, which will be served as a stream from an icon on the homescreen of connected Apple devices. The publishers will keep any advertising revenue they generate from ads sold around these stories; if they want Apple to sell the ads the iPhone maker will keep a 30 per cent cut of any revenues.参予Apple News的出版商每天将向苹果获取数篇报导,这些报导将通过联网苹果设备主屏幕上的一个应用于以流媒体的形式获取给用户。出版商自己环绕这些报导售出的广告,收益全归它们自己所有。




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